Whirlbathe can convert your existing bathtub into a whirlpool without removal.  Your whirlpool conversion will add jets to any ordinary already installed bathtub.  Turn your own bathtub into a jetted tub or bath spa in one day, with no tub removal.  Our bathtub conversion will convert a tub into a beautiful whirlpool bathtub.  Jets on a tub provides hydrotherapy, physical therapy and relaxing hydromassage.

Patented Hydrotherapy Whirlpool System

Whirlbathe patented the concept of converting existing bathtubs into therapeutic whirlpool spas 30 years ago. Whirlbathe's exclusive parallel air and water manifolds and rigid parallel piping system makes our whirlpool tub conversions superior to any other system to convert a tub. Expect our retrofit tub system to have increased air and water flow with total drain down of the pipes and pump after each use. Whirlbathe applied for patents to secure its rights in this field. The rights granted to Whirlbathe by the United States of America Patents #4,419,775; 4,553,299; 4,581,781; Des. 303,185; Des. 303,329; and Canadian Patent #1,207,502.

Our unique bathtub whirlpool conversions are like no other methods for converting a bathtub you will find. Competitors use series piping on their tub conversions. Parallel piping is superior on whirlpool bath conversions because each pipe feeds only one jet, so each bathtub jet has the same pressure. When series piping is installed on jetted tubs, the pressure drops as you go down the line. Also, more water may stay in the flexible whirlpool bathtub pipes after each use. Whirlbathe will supply you with bathtub conversions with the highest quality bathtub whirlpool system available. A bathtub retrofit system is an affordable and convenient way to get the benefits of hydrotherapy.

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